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Toronto Cab driver attacks Uber car, dragged 20 metres in protest


In a shocking scene caught on video, a disgruntled Toronto taxi driver decided to beat on the window of a white Honda civic he suspected to be working for Uber before being dragged more than 20 metres in downtown traffic.

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All fuels are not created equally

Driver Filling Fuel Tank

Owning a vehicle ain’t cheap.

Car payments, insurance, gas, and regular maintenance all add up to thousands of dollars a year, whether you drive a fifteen-year-old Toyota or a brand new Mercedes Benz. So naturally, when your tank is empty, you search for the cheapest gas you can find – even if it means filling up at the same place you buy your eggs and toilet paper, or the no-name shack with a giant inflatable gorilla on the roof.

But do you ever worry that the cheap gas you put in your vehicle might someday mess up your engine?

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Automakers Aid In Oklahoma Tornado Recovery

 Oklahoma Tornado

The powerful Tornado that plowed through Oklahoma neighbourhoods earlier this week left thousands of victims in dire need of help. But despite the staggering wreckage that still litters the ground, fortunately, a number of automakers – including General Motors, Ford, Chrysler, Toyota and Volkswagen – have stepped up during this difficult time to donate money, supplies and vehicles to speed up recovery and rebuilding processes.

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New Honda Minivan sucks, literally


Let’s face it. Minivans have always sucked.

But the 2014 Honda Odyssey sucks even more. That’s because the Odyssey now comes equipped with a built in vacuum cleaner to help tidy up the van. The vacuum can suck indefinitely when the engine’s running, or for up to eight minutes with the car turned off. To keep things simple the vacuum tool features a replaceable filter and a canister bag for easy disposable.

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