My name is Nicholas Zahra. I graduated in 2012 with a degree in communications and professional writing from the University of Toronto and I currently work for a market research company.

When I’m not working (or my face isn’t planted in front of a computer screen) I’m either driving, cleaning, writing, thinking, talking about or working on cars.


As an avid ‘anything-with-a motor-n-wheels’ enthusiast, you’ll find car magazines and brochures on my shelves and car posters on every wall of my bedroom. Since a little kid, cars have always been something I’ve had a passion for. Some that know me claim I bleed engine oil (synthetic, of course).

Fast forward to today and not only do I consider cars as a hobby, but something I can potentially tie into a career.  

Through this blog I express my passion for cars and bring to you, the reader, a wide range of automotive material in a unique and informative way. More than simply writing about the subject matter, I live it too.


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