Toronto Cab driver attacks Uber car, dragged 20 metres in protest


In a shocking scene caught on video, a disgruntled Toronto taxi driver decided to beat on the window of a white Honda civic he suspected to be working for Uber before being dragged more than 20 metres in downtown traffic.

The incident happened as angry cab drivers across the city decided to stage a protest at city hall against Uber – who they claim are disregarding city bylaws and cutting into their profit.

Gasping for breath, the unhinged taxi maniac told CBC reporters seconds after the incident that he had 22 years of experience as a cab driver, and that he was “just trying to get the point across.”
If “the point” is “I’m a complete and utter idiot,” then I think he achieved his goal.

Mayor John Tory, speaking with reporters at city hall, called the incident captured on video “profoundly unacceptable” and asked cab drivers to stand down and stop their protest.

He also warned taxi drivers they could be driving people toward Uber instead of away from it and added that the city is working to modernize Toronto’s ground transportation bylaws to help struggling cab drivers.

This kind of thing is nothing new, as taxi drivers all over the world, including Europe and the United States, have been losing their minds over Uber driving down fares and bypassing regulations.


News Source: CBC News

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