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Dealership donates minivan to couple scammed in craigslist deal


Meet the Rakowskis, a couple from Michigan who recently purchased a minivan from a man they met on Craigslist.

The coupled needed the vehicle so that Mark Rakowiski could travel to Tennessee with his wife to visit his dying brother. Having health issues of his own, Mark Rakowski needed the extra space from the van to accommodate his bulky breathing equipment.

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New Honda Minivan sucks, literally


Let’s face it. Minivans have always sucked.

But the 2014 Honda Odyssey sucks even more. That’s because the Odyssey now comes equipped with a built in vacuum cleaner to help tidy up the van. The vacuum can suck indefinitely when the engine’s running, or for up to eight minutes with the car turned off. To keep things simple the vacuum tool features a replaceable filter and a canister bag for easy disposable.

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