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Installed: Neuspeed Rse52 wheels


Wheels and tires are one of the most popular upgrades people do to their cars. Not only can they dramatically improve the appearance of any vehicle, in some cases they can also enhance braking, acceleration, steering feel and overall grip.

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Michelin puts airless tires into production


For over a 100 years, vehicles have relied on rubber tires filled with air to roll them down the road.

And while these tires have continuously improved in performance, efficiency and tread life, the basic design of a pneumatic tire and the way it’s mounted onto a wheel has remained relatively unchanged, until now.

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Completely Stupid Modifications People Make to their Cars

There are numerous modifications you can make to your vehicle to improve its performance, handling, drivability, and appearance.

Then there are others that do absolutely nothing.

But I’m not just talking about the backwards hat wearing, rap blasting, gangsta leaning civic drivers who cruise around like Vin Diesel from Fast and the Furious because they’ve attached a muffler to their car that sounds like a weed wacker.

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