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It’s time to start thinking about winter tires


It’s that time of year again. The leaves are falling, the temperatures are dropping and snow is either here or on its way depending on where you live. And that means you should think about putting a set of winter tires on your car.

While some of us may think we can get around fine with “all season” tires, it’s like the equivalent of wearing Air Force 1’s in the winter – it might work for a while, but you’re bound to fall flat on your ass sooner or later.

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The Wonders of Winter Driving

Drivers get ready – it’s just about that time of year again. 

One centimeter of snow hits the ground and roads across the GTA turn into  bumper cars.

There seems to be this strange phenomenon that occurs each year where mass chaos and absurdity ensues as soon as the white stuff starts to hit the ground. Every time this happens, it seems as if the majority of drivers have to relearn how to drive on it; as if they’ve never seen it before. It’s like they’ve lived under cactus trees in the dessert for their entire life.

Regardless of the fact that as Canadians we spend a good chunk of our year in winter climates, it seems many of us forget how to drive once that first snowfall hits.

Last year the OPP reported that collisions were being called in at a rate of one per minute during the first snowfall. So before the winter decides to bless us with the first blast of the year, consider this a preview of some of the things you will most likely witness this winter – and want to avoid.

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