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Should you enroll in pay-as-you-drive auto insurance?

Traffic accident and to drivers fighting

Most large auto insurers now offer customers an interesting way to save on car insurance: pay-as-you-drive auto insurance. Basically how it works is companies collect data via onboard infotainment units or from devices that plug into OBD ports of your car’s on-board computer.  The data is then transmitted back to your insurance company through a secure server.

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Has in car technology gone too far?

Android Car System

With car manufacturers packing more tech in cars today our vehicles are becoming more than anything – a rolling computer.

But can drivers keep up?

In car technology is changing the driving experience, and in recent years automakers have rushed to introduce all sorts of technology that keeps drivers connected to their mobile devices, cell phones, email accounts and music while they’re on the road.

But a recent study released by Harris Poll in the U.S says that 76%, or more than 3 out of four car owners believe that in car tech is becoming too distracting and dangerous to have. In addition, 55%, or more than half involved in the study, argue automakers have taken technology for road use a bit too far.

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