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Rhode Island man gets 4 DUIs in 30 hours


We all know by now that driving drunk is stupid. But a Rhode Island man with an apparently indefinite supply of vehicles has reached new levels of idiocy by earning himself not one, but four DUIs in just 30 hours.

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Man who plowed into crowd at SXSW could face death penalty


Austin Police have charged a suspected drunk driver with capital murder after plowing into a crowded street at a popular music festival in Austin, Texas last Thursday, killing three people and injuring at least twenty three others.

According to reports, Rashad Charjuan Owens, 21, was spotted by police around 12:30am, driving the wrong way down a one-way street. As the authorities attempted to stop him, he sped off, ultimately accelerating through a group of pedestrians, striking a taxi and a moped, and crashing into a parked van.

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Drunk Driver Confesses to Manslaughter on YouTube

It’s fairly easy to commit a hit-and-run. You make a mistake, drive away before anyone notices, and go on with your day.

But when your screw up happens to cause the death of another person, the guilt and remorse that builds up inside of you can be overwhelming.

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