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Decontaminating your vehicle: Clay Bars vs Clay Alternatives


Detailing clay is traditionally used to remove bonded contamination from a vehicle, however with the increase in synthetic clay substitutes, there are now many more options that perform the same type of function. Such products include the SM Arnold Speedy Surface Prep Towel, Optimum Opti-Eraser, Cobra Clay Mitt and the NanoSkin AutoScrub Wash Mitt.

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Alberta man dries car at 180 km/h


I don’t know what’s more dumb: Driving that fast, the excuse, or believing that an RCMP constable might accept it.

But when Mounties pulled over a 67 year old doing 180 kilometres per hour on Highway 22, the Alberta man claimed that he was drying off his freshly washed car – at 80 kilometres above the speed limit.

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