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Electric car maker Fisker plans to return in 2016


When Fisker first released the Karma in 2011, few people would have guessed the plug-in luxury sedan with curvy body lines and sports-car-like performance would lead the company into bankruptcy less than two years into production.

Fewer still, would have predicted its comeback. Yet that’s exactly what is happening for Fisker Automotive & Technology Group, which is scheduled to resume production in mid-2016 according to the company.

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Toyota wins unintended acceleration Lawsuit


Toyota has already paid billions of dollars in settlements surrounding unintended acceleration claims in 2009 and 2010, but a courtroom victory Thursday in California certainly provided some momentum for the Japanese automaker.

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Bad driving habits linked to luxury cars


Are all BMW drivers assholes?

Probably not.

But a study published by Paul K. Piff, a researcher from the University of California, Berkeley, suggests that there is a link between expensive luxury cars and poor driving habits.

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