Vancouver road rage scrap caught on camera

road rage

Canadians are known around the world for their friendliness and cool demeanor. But just days before the first of July, the day Canadians celebrated the countries 146th birthday, a road rage incident caught on camera in Vancouver reminded us that sometimes we do still get a little angry.

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Calgary flood wipes out dealership inventories

Calgary flood

Many Calgarians return to work this week as the city continues to clean up and recover after massive floods.

But for car dealers the damage extends much further than a few weeks of lost sales.

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Alberta man dries car at 180 km/h


I don’t know what’s more dumb: Driving that fast, the excuse, or believing that an RCMP constable might accept it.

But when Mounties pulled over a 67 year old doing 180 kilometres per hour on Highway 22, the Alberta man claimed that he was drying off his freshly washed car – at 80 kilometres above the speed limit.

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Automakers Aid In Oklahoma Tornado Recovery

 Oklahoma Tornado

The powerful Tornado that plowed through Oklahoma neighbourhoods earlier this week left thousands of victims in dire need of help. But despite the staggering wreckage that still litters the ground, fortunately, a number of automakers – including General Motors, Ford, Chrysler, Toyota and Volkswagen – have stepped up during this difficult time to donate money, supplies and vehicles to speed up recovery and rebuilding processes.

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Woman killed in Jeep show stunt in Edmonton

Jeep SHow

Melinda green, a 20 year old woman was killed on Saturday in Edmonton, Alberta when a stunt at a Jeep fundraising show went terribly wrong.

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Test drive victim,Tim Bosma, found dead

tim and sharlene bosma

Hamilton Police say that missing Ancaster, Ont. father Tim Bosma has been found dead. Police said the remains of Bosma were found burned.

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How to achieve that show car finish


Unless you’re lucky enough  to live somewhere that’s warm all year round, chances are your vehicle’s taken a beating this winter. Corrosive road salts, loose stones and road debris wreck havoc on your car’s body; masking the shiny bright paint that lies beneath it. Running your car through the car wash may get most of the winter road grime off your paint, but if you’re a perfectionist like me, you probably don’t mind a little extra TLC to get your ride looking its absolute best.

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Voice to text just as dangerous to drivers as texting


Using your voice to send text messages while driving is just as dangerous as using your fingers, according to a study that measured response times for both scenarios.

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Fast & Furious 6: Coming to a theatre near you


If you’re a Fast & Furious fan, you’ll be glad to hear that the latest installment of the street racing film from Universal Pictures will be hitting theaters towards the end of  May.

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Quebec resident sentenced for fatal high speed car crash

Quebec accident

A 20 year old Quebec resident, Kevin Dussault, will serve 21 months in provincial prison in addition to a two year driver’s license suspension for a fatal car crash that killed 16 year old Alex Breton almost two years ago.

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Colorado family shares sons fatal text


Dealing with the loss of a loved one is extremely difficult, but for the Heit family, they hope sharing their son’s tragic story will help prevent similar accidents in the future.

On April 3, 2013, Alexander Heit, a 22 year old Audiology student at the University of Northern Colorado, lost control of his vehicle on a sharp turn while travelling eastbound on “O” street and rolled several times.

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Volvo to become more cyclist friendly


Cars that stop by themselves for pedestrians have been out for a while now, but now one automaker claims their cars will stop for cyclists too.

Volvo, a brand known for vehicle safety, announced a clever new update to their collision detection system that will stomp on the brakes when a potential collision with a cyclist is sensed.

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Toronto speed traps called out


If you find yourself in the Greater Toronto Area anytime soon, you may want to slow down a bit.

According to the Toronto Star, speed limits in the Toronto area are set 10 to 15 kilometers slower then they should be. As a result, drivers keeping up with the flow of traffic are becoming easy targets for cops hiding out with trigger happy radar guns.

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New Honda Minivan sucks, literally


Let’s face it. Minivans have always sucked.

But the 2014 Honda Odyssey sucks even more. That’s because the Odyssey now comes equipped with a built in vacuum cleaner to help tidy up the van. The vacuum can suck indefinitely when the engine’s running, or for up to eight minutes with the car turned off. To keep things simple the vacuum tool features a replaceable filter and a canister bag for easy disposable.

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Volkswagen debuts seventh generation Golf to North America


The seventh generation of the VW Golf made it’s first appearance in North America this week at the 2013 New York Auto Show. Despite being 2.2 inches longer and 0.5 inches wider, the new hatchback sheds 51 pounds through the use of high and ultra high strength steels.

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Has in car technology gone too far?

Android Car System

With car manufacturers packing more tech in cars today our vehicles are becoming more than anything – a rolling computer.

But can drivers keep up?

In car technology is changing the driving experience, and in recent years automakers have rushed to introduce all sorts of technology that keeps drivers connected to their mobile devices, cell phones, email accounts and music while they’re on the road.

But a recent study released by Harris Poll in the U.S says that 76%, or more than 3 out of four car owners believe that in car tech is becoming too distracting and dangerous to have. In addition, 55%, or more than half involved in the study, argue automakers have taken technology for road use a bit too far.

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That Drive-Thru isn’t just bad for your waistline

In this day and age, Drive-thrus are pretty much everywhere.

I mean, what would the 21st century be without them? In a busy world where not everyone has time to line up inside a fast food restaurant, people praise the convenience.

But when I drive by Tim Hortons in the morning and see fifty eight cars waiting in the drive-thru line for donuts when the inside of the restaurant is empty, I think to myself – how freaking lazy have people become?

Would it really kill you to take the 30 seconds to get out of the car and walk into the restaurant? But you know what’s even worse? The fact that they are now making drive-thrus for literally every service you can think of including banks, car washes, post offices, liquor stores, and even pharmacies. Yes, that’s right; you can get your diabetes pills without even burning a single calorie.

So what’s next? Drive thru hospitals? Groceries? Hardware stores?

I can’t tell you but what I do know is that there is absolutely no way of justifying unnecessary idling regardless of how convenient it may be for some people.

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Why road rage exists

It’s not just Asians that can’t drive. It’s everyone.

On the road, it seems people transform into a bunch of inconsiderate pricks that forget the basic lessons we’re taught as kids – like how to share and wait in a line.

Not a single day goes by that I don’t encounter drivers on my commute that make me question the licensing system in the province of Ontario.

Honestly, I’ve seen kids at the Sega City go karts maneuver a motor vehicle better. I don’t know if these people are simply ignorant of how much they fail at driving, or if they just don’t care. Either way, the things I see these people do out on the road make me wish I had an automatic machine gun and rocket launcher attached to the front of my car. Aside from the inconvenience to me and other road users, this kind of inconsiderate driving is flat out dangerous and pisses the hell out of everyone.

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Completely Stupid Modifications People Make to their Cars

There are numerous modifications you can make to your vehicle to improve its performance, handling, drivability, and appearance.

Then there are others that do absolutely nothing.

But I’m not just talking about the backwards hat wearing, rap blasting, gangsta leaning civic drivers who cruise around like Vin Diesel from Fast and the Furious because they’ve attached a muffler to their car that sounds like a weed wacker.

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The Wonders of Winter Driving

Drivers get ready – it’s just about that time of year again. 

One centimeter of snow hits the ground and roads across the GTA turn into  bumper cars.

There seems to be this strange phenomenon that occurs each year where mass chaos and absurdity ensues as soon as the white stuff starts to hit the ground. Every time this happens, it seems as if the majority of drivers have to relearn how to drive on it; as if they’ve never seen it before. It’s like they’ve lived under cactus trees in the dessert for their entire life.

Regardless of the fact that as Canadians we spend a good chunk of our year in winter climates, it seems many of us forget how to drive once that first snowfall hits.

Last year the OPP reported that collisions were being called in at a rate of one per minute during the first snowfall. So before the winter decides to bless us with the first blast of the year, consider this a preview of some of the things you will most likely witness this winter – and want to avoid.

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Dumb shit people do behind the wheel

According to the Ontario Provincial Police, distracted driving causes more road deaths than drinking and driving and speeding combined.

Let’s face it – we all live busy lifestyles and struggle to salvage a few minutes to spare.

But driving is a serious and sometimes deadly task.

It only takes one slight mistake to end your life and many others. Would you, for example, start texting your cousin about how drunk you were at the wedding if someone pulled out a gun and started shooting at you? Or, would you call your girlfriend to ask what’s for dinner if you were walking in a field filled with land mines?

So why do we do such stupid things behind the wheel when we all know better? Is it because we don’t care? Is it because we don’t know the consequences? Or is it simply because we just all want to be bad asses and rebels? Whatever the answer is, I’d like to share some of the best examples of drivers who take the word “multi-tasking” to a whole new level. Rest assured, these are the same clever human beings you, your kids, and their kids will be sharing the road with some day. But don’t worry – someday soon we’ll have cars that drive on their own.

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