35K Tesla model 3 production to start in two years


Interested in a Tesla but can’t afford the model s? You’ll have to wait at least a couple years before parking one in your driveway then. Company founder and CEO Elon Musk revealed via Twitter there was going to be a two-year wait for the $35,000 model 3 sedan, but pre-orders begin when it’s finally unveiled in March.

To be accurate, Musk says production on the Model 3 will take place in “about” two years. The biggest obstacle seems to be Tesla’s Gigafactories, which need to be fully operational before Model 3s can start rolling off the production line.

The Gigafactory, Tesla massive new battery plant in Nevada, is being built to make the battery packs for Tesla’s future vehicles. Musk claims that once fully operational, the plant will reduce the cost for lithium-ion packs in their vehicles by over 30 percent.

Considering the amount of attention Tesla is going to get the day the Model 3 is finally revealed, it will certainly be interesting to see if the EV company can transfer some of the magic from its $90,000+ luxury sedan to an affordable family car used as the single source of transportation for one-car families. If Tesla succeeds, it sure won’t be surprising if the company starts selling model 3’s faster than they can make them.

News Source: Autoblog

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