Electric car maker Fisker plans to return in 2016


When Fisker first released the Karma in 2011, few people would have guessed the plug-in luxury sedan with curvy body lines and sports-car-like performance would lead the company into bankruptcy less than two years into production.

Fewer still, would have predicted its comeback. Yet that’s exactly what is happening for Fisker Automotive & Technology Group, which is scheduled to resume production in mid-2016 according to the company.

Fisker says it now has 200 employees at its headquarters in Costa Mesa, California, and plans to add another 150 workers at the new 556,000-square-foot California factory when things get rolling there.

But before the “new Karma” can be offered for sale, Fisker claims it will use 150 unsold cars to troubleshoot the glitches and battery issues that plagued the sedan which sold for $102,000.

Assuming all mechanical and software issues can be resolved, the company will also have to build a new dealer network from scratch, or consider a direct sales operation similar to Tesla.

Styling is rumoured to be extremely similar to the previous version, and the luxury sedan will remain an extended-range plug-in hybrid. The company has yet to decide whether the car will use the same name, nor has it determined pricing.

But perhaps the biggest challenge for Fisker will be actually selling the vehicle, given the tough competition it now faces. Tesla has already established itself as the world’s leading luxury electric car maker, and the last memory most hold of the Fisker brand echo the original companies failure.

News Source: The Wall Street Journal

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