Tesla Model X: The most awaited electric vehicle of 2015


It still may be a while before the Model X, Tesla’s first SUV, goes on sale in North America, but we already know that this zero emission, super-high-performance family hauler is going to be something special.

The Model X will share the same platform as the award winning Model S, but will come standard with all-wheel drive and child-friendly second and third-row seating.

Tesla plans to offer the Model X with a choice of two lithium-ion battery packs, rated at either 60 or 85 kWh (the same choices available on the Model S). You can expect the performance model (85 kWh) to sprint from 0 to 60 mph (0 to 97 km/h) in 4.4 seconds, which is faster than both the Porsche Cayenne Turbo and the Range Rover Sport. The Model X’s all-wheel drive system will use two motors (one for the front and the other for the rear wheels), unlike conventional AWD systems which only have one source of power.

The Model X also features funky looking gull-wing doors (marketed by Tesla as falcon wings). The doors open upwards allowing the edge of the door to remain tucked close to the car. Tesla’s website says the falcon-wing doors will make passenger access easier, even in tight parking spots.


Its greatest downside?

The price.

The Model X will priced similar to a Model S, which is to say, out of reach for most.

However, by 2017, Tesla plans to release a new electric sedan named the Model 3, which will priced somewhere around $35,000.

News Source: Tesla Motors

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