Calgary woman earns ticket after butchered backing up video goes viral


A Calgary woman has been tracked down and issued a ticket after a video labelled “Calgary’s worst driver” went viral over the weekend.

The five minute video, which has over 2 million views, shows the driver of a BMW X3 hitting a parked vehicle while attempting to back out of a parking spot. The woman then spends the next four minutes driving back and forth, trying to get the car turned around – a task that would take the average driver no more than 5 seconds.

The video was captured by a surveillance camera from a nearby business at a parking lot south of downtown Calgary. According to the caption on YouTube, the man in the green jacket is the owner of the red Mazda. He helped the driver of the silver BMW without knowing she damaged his car before arriving. She later drove away without saying anything.

Calgary police charged the woman with a $115 ticket and two demerit points, but according to CBC, the woman later claimed she didn’t know she hit the vehicle.

How it’s even possible to operate a vehicle this badly is hard to wrap your head around, but the fact that this person has a drivers license is the real puzzler.

News  Source: CBC

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