Ford Canada disapproves logo on Toronto Mayor Rob Ford T-shirts

Rob Ford

The Rob Ford scandal has already received tremendous attention around the world. The loudmouthed, drunk driving, crack-smoking mayor of Toronto has managed to reach celebrity status in a matter of months and Rob Ford merchandise including bobbleheads, hot dogs, hamburgers, and most recently, t-shirts, has become a big business.

But one company who unluckily shares its name with Toronto’s mayor, Ford Canada, is going to great lengths to ensure its iconic Blue Oval logo is not associated with the man who runs the city of Toronto.

At a United Way event earlier this week, a bunch of mayor Ford’s fans showed up with shirts that featured the automaker’s logo with the words “Ford Nation,” printed on them. Mayor Ford reportedly signed the t-shirts and shortly after Ford Canada was quick to issue an unhappy statement:

“Ford did not grant permission for use of its logo,” Jay Cooney, a company spokesman, told Bloomberg News.

“We view it as an unauthorized use of our trademark and have asked it to be stopped,”  Cooney added.

There was also a statement released from Ford Canada’s Twitter account after a user alerted the company:

The t-shirts were reportedly made by Rob Ford supporters and used at a charity event during the same week Toronto’s mayor admitted buying illegal drugs in the last two years and smoking crack.

News Source: Huffington Post

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