Hundreds hurt after 130-car pile up in South East England

A horrific crash in southeast England involving 130 vehicles has injured 200 people, 35 of which required hospital treatment.

The incident occurred on the A249 London-bound bridge at approximately 7:15 AM local time, as a line of cars reportedly crashed and piled into each other.

The web of tangled cars shut traffic down for more than nine hours while emergency crews rushed in to provide medical aid and supplies. Some witnesses claimed the crash went on for 10 minutes as cars and transport trucks continuously collided into each other at speeds of up to 70mph.

“For 10 minutes afterwards, all we could hear was screeching, cars thudding into each other, trucks crashing,” one driver told BBC reporters.

Poor visibility is believed to be one of the main causes of the pileup. Witnesses at the scene claimed it was extremely foggy on the bridge and in some areas you could not see more than 30 feet ahead.

When asked if fog was to blame for the crash, Chief Inspector Andy Reeves stated that it was premature to give a cause this early, but that the weather “will be a factor”.

“It was…. very hazardous. It was described to me as a very thick fog and it was certainly low visibility at the time,” said Reeves.

The accident is believed to be the UK’s largest single fog accident ever.

“From my perspective, its truly miraculous. It’s very fortunate there were no fatalities,” Reeves added.

News Source: BBC
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