Toronto Officer Bakes Cookies In Back Of Car


Police Officers may love doughnuts, but Jeff Bangild, a Toronto Police Officer, is crazy about cookies too.

So crazy, that he decided to make a batch in the back of his car during the recent Ontario heatwave.

Bangild left a cookie sheet with raw cookie dough in the back of his parked car while he went to work Wednesday morning.

What did Officer Bangild find at the end of his shift?

A delicious batch of warm cookies – as good as any oven could make.

Bangild noted that the temperature in his car reached a blazing 52 degrees, or 125 Fahrenheit.

The experiment, however, wasn’t just for a tasty evening snack. Bangild wanted to demonstrate how hot a parked car can get – and how potentially dangerous it can be.

Just last month, a young boy died of heat stroke when his grandmother left him inside a sizzling hot car in Milton, Ontario.

InĀ Canada, charges against parents who leave their children unattended in cars vary from abuse and child abandonment to manslaughter.

And although it’s a mistake any reasonable person can make – during these hot summer months the only thing that should be left in your car is a pair of sunshades, and perhaps a tray of chocolate chip cookies for the drive home.

News Source: Huffington Post
Image Credit: Twitter
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