Vancouver road rage scrap caught on camera

road rage

Canadians are known around the world for their friendliness and cool demeanor. But just days before the first of July, the day Canadians celebrated the countries 146th birthday, a road rage incident caught on camera in Vancouver reminded us that sometimes we do still get a little angry.

The video, which appears to be filmed using a camera phone from the 90’s, shows a heated exchanged that broke out between the driver of a BMW 320 and Toyota Corolla.

According to the Huffington Post, the incident started when the older driver in the Corolla slammed on his brakes; causing the BMW driver to mash his own brakes to avoid a collision. The heated young male in the BMW then walked towards the car in front of him and started to kick the door repeatedly.

A video posted on YouTube from a nearby motorist, however, caught the part when things really got out of hand.

As the young male walks back to his vehicle the older man runs and tackles him from behind, just as he’s about to get back into his BMW. The two men wrestle and exchange fists in traffic for roughly half a minute before the younger man yells in the video, “I’m a kid! Leave me alone!”

The older man then throws one more right before returning to his vehicle and driving away.

According to Vancouver RCMP, the incident has yet to be investigated as either parties have not reported the incident.

News Source: Huffington Post
Image Credit: CTV News
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