Woman killed in Jeep show stunt in Edmonton

Jeep SHow

Melinda green, a 20 year old woman was killed on Saturday in Edmonton, Alberta when a stunt at a Jeep fundraising show went terribly wrong.

Green was a spectator at an enthusiast event called “Jeeps go topless,” during which one driver drove up and onto the top of another Jeeps tire as part of a demonstration. As the driver exited the vehicle to pose for pictures, the movement of the Jeep caused the vehicle to lose balance and lurch forward; pinning Green beneath it, who was on top of an adjacent vehicle.

Paramedics attempted CPR and rushed the woman to the hospital, where she was later pronounced dead.

Friends, family, and coworkers are remembering Melinda as a positive and friendly young woman.

She was a sweetheart,” said George Sarantis, one of her coworkers at the Churchill Square Second Cup on Sunday.

“Her parents really raised her right and they meant a lot to her. And all of our hearts go out to them, for sure,” added Pellandini.

Many of Greens friends and family members are questioning  the lack of safety precations at the event that led to her death.

“If they had enough people close enough to the vehicles that a jeep could roll over and someone could die, they were too close,” said Don McGregor, one of Greens longtime customers.

Sarina Germaine, one of the organizers for the show commented that at no time did anyone associated with the event sense a safety concern.

“The process of one vehicle climbing the front tire of another vehicle is done extremely slowly and with people spotting to make sure it is done safely for the drivers and spectators.”

“No one knows what went wrong.”

News source: Global News

Image Credit: Calgary Sun

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