Test drive victim,Tim Bosma, found dead

tim and sharlene bosma

Hamilton Police say that missing Ancaster, Ont. father Tim Bosma has been found dead. Police said the remains of Bosma were found burned.

Bosma, a 32 year old husband and father, went missing on May 6th after he went for a test drive with two men interested in purchasing his black 2007 Dodge Ram pickup posted online.

Bosma told his wife and daughter before he left that he’d be right back.

During the investigation Bosma’s wife, Sharlene Bosma, told reporters “It’s just a truck. You don’t need him, but I do, and our daughter needs her daddy back so please, please let him come home.”

One of the suspects, Dellen Millard, has already been charged in connection with the case but the second suspect has yet to be identified.

In a short statement, Hamilton Police Chief, Glenn De Caire, did not indicate the cause of death.

“A number of searches have taken place and human remains have been located,” he said. “We are convinced by the totality of the evidence, that these are the remains of Tim Bosma. The evidence indicates that the remains have been burned.

“This investigation is long from over”, said De Caire.

News Source: National Post
Image Credit: The star
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One thought on “Test drive victim,Tim Bosma, found dead

  1. […] share. Like many of you, I sell my vehicles myself and have always been cautious in my dealings. Test drive victim,Tim Bosma, found dead | Full Throttle This type of stuff absolutely disgusts me. I feel so terrible for the family he left behind […]

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