Quebec resident sentenced for fatal high speed car crash

Quebec accident

A 20 year old Quebec resident, Kevin Dussault, will serve 21 months in provincial prison in addition to a two year driver’s license suspension for a fatal car crash that killed 16 year old Alex Breton almost two years ago.

On April 29, 2011, Dussault lost control of his 1993 Honda Civic at over 160 kilometres per hour and crashed violently off a country road in Weedon, a small farming village in Quebec.

The impact sent 16-year old Alex Breton flying from the car, killing him instantly. Dussualt’s girlfriend, also in the car, received severe injuries in the crash but survived.

“Kevin Dussault drove his car recklessly in disregard of other people’s lives, the lives of his friends. He bears full responsibility,” said Quebec Court Judge, Conrad Chapdelaine, during the sentence.

According to investigators from Quebec, the combination of excessive speed and worn out tires played a key role in the crash. And although tires are one of the most important safety feature on any vehicle, many motorists rarely inspect them on a regular basis.

News source: Montreal gazette
Image credit: Lapresse
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