Toronto speed traps called out


If you find yourself in the Greater Toronto Area anytime soon, you may want to slow down a bit.

According to the Toronto Star, speed limits in the Toronto area are set 10 to 15 kilometers slower then they should be. As a result, drivers keeping up with the flow of traffic are becoming easy targets for cops hiding out with trigger happy radar guns.

“Setting 50 km/h where it should be 60 km/h, or 60 km/h where it should be 70 km/h, reduces safety overall but is very profitable if enforced for revenue. Police pick the ‘sweet spots,’ where virtually all vehicles traveling under good conditions are above the limit by 11-plus km/h and the money rolls in… It is a racket, not a safety program,” explains James Walker, a board member of the National Motorists Association. 

Walker claims that speed limits in Canada and the U.S are often set lower than they should be because they provide easy revenue streams, despite increased safety risks.

Radar detectors are currently illegal in the province of Ontario, but in the Toronto area you might start seeing them in more than just sports cars.

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One thought on “Toronto speed traps called out

  1. I recived a lovely 40 dollar ticket after yoga on Wednesday morning for going 50 in a 40 zone. The police officer was hiding in a blind spot and jumped out to flag me over. My best friend got pretty much the same ticket a day before…

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