That Drive-Thru isn’t just bad for your waistline

In this day and age, Drive-thrus are pretty much everywhere.

I mean, what would the 21st century be without them? In a busy world where not everyone has time to line up inside a fast food restaurant, people praise the convenience.

But when I drive by Tim Hortons in the morning and see fifty eight cars waiting in the drive-thru line for donuts when the inside of the restaurant is empty, I think to myself – how freaking lazy have people become?

Would it really kill you to take the 30 seconds to get out of the car and walk into the restaurant? But you know what’s even worse? The fact that they are now making drive-thrus for literally every service you can think of including banks, car washes, post offices, liquor stores, and even pharmacies. Yes, that’s right; you can get your diabetes pills without even burning a single calorie.

So what’s next? Drive thru hospitals? Groceries? Hardware stores?

I can’t tell you but what I do know is that there is absolutely no way of justifying unnecessary idling regardless of how convenient it may be for some people.

About three months ago in a Tim Hortons drive-thru, a man from Alberta pulled out a gun at the car in front of him because he was fed up of waiting in a typical slow moving drive thru line.

You know what Tim Hortons solution was to this incident?

Nope, they didn’t hire employees who can actually speak english.

The solution was to create a double-double (get it) drive thru lane with a second cashier so that lines can move faster. But here’s a better solution, province of Ontario.

Ban them.

And I’ll give you three good reasons why.

Drive thru’s are bad for the environment

exhaust smoke

Every day, millions of lazy Canadians innocently sit idling in drive thru lines waiting for their order. Little do they know, what they are really doing is depleting the ozone layer and contributing to unnecessary global warming. Now, you probably think I’m some Prius driving activist out to save the world.

Well, I’m not.

I drive a normal car and I’ll even admit to tossing plastic water bottles in the garbage when nobodies looking.

But it’s a proven fact that ten seconds or more of idling in a car uses more fuel (and thus more pollution) then shutting it off and restarting it later.

And let’s be honest. When was the last time you waited ten seconds or less in a drive thru line? So the longer you sit in that line waiting for your big mac the more carbon dioxide, monoxide, and hydro carbon your pumping into the air. Not to mention the gas you paid a buck thirty for per litre is now burning into fumes. So go ahead, wait twelve minutes for that spicy breakfast burrito combo. Just don’t let me hear you complain about gas prices.

Drive thru’s are bad for your car


Many people don’t know that cars are not designed to idle for long periods of time. This doesn’t really surprise me because most people I know can’t even figure out how to open their hood or put air in the tires.

But excessive idling can (and is proven) to cause grime and sludge to build up and accumulate inside your engine. During idling fuel combustion is incomplete and therefore leads to increased stress and wear on your engines internal components. This can mean hefty repair bills the next time you visit the mechanic. Not to mention a car at stand still gets zero miles per gallon. So park the damn thing and use your legs that God so graciously gave you.

Drive thru’s are bad for your health

mid section view of a man sitting on a bench in a park

There’s a reason why they call it “fast food”. It’s greasy, salty, high in fat, and more often than not, bad for your body. No way am I denying that satisfying feeling you get when you pound down that number two with cheese like a dog being fed meat for the first time. But surprisingly enough, walking to get meals if often the only exercise some people get all day. So why make it easier for them to get fatter than they already are? After all, WE are the ones paying for healthcare after they suffer a massive heart attack (as bad as this sounds).

If people want to be fat then fine, go ahead, but they should at least have to get out of their cars to do it. After all, forcing people to walk a few steps to get their Big Mac could very well save their lives.

So is mankind actually evolving or are we taking steps in the wrong direction? Drive thru mania is clearly spreading like a bad disease across North America and it’s time we make changes to the society we all have become so accustomed to. So the next time you’re in a rush to get a coffee or “quick bite”, beat the smog filled line up wrapped around the parking lot and just go in. I guarantee you’ll get your dose of junk food much quicker.

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